STICK AROUND!!! Romania’s first international street art expo

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Facebook Event - STICK AROUND!!! Romania’s first international street art expo - Hosted by Creaturi dragute

Hello, my sticker friends!!!
Need your awesome stickers and paste ups
Oficiul Craiova 8 Ghiseul 2,
CP 1483
mun.Craiova, jud. Dolj

Deadline: may 1
Don’t forget to write your name, country and website

The exposition will take place this spring, in capital of Romania, BUCHAREST
You have to send me by mail stickers or paste ups, ’cause i’m gonna do some big combos
You could also send stickers from other people, just don’t forget to mention that
In Romania, my country, this kind of expo has never been done before ( that’s why i want to show the people how street art really looks like) , so it will be very interesting for everyone and many people will see your works
and after the exposition, all the works will be pasted up in the streets, where they belong

Untill now:

1 - from Romania - cool sticker designs and paste ups! thanks a lot

2 – Vlada Valarte from Russia - thanks a lot!  — with Vlada Valarte.

3 – Daser Fkr & friends from Mexico -really nice fat pack!!! thank you so much  — with Daser Fkr.

4 – Daser Fkr & friends from Mexico 3/3 thanks,my friends!! — with Daser Fkr.

5 - L & B Taylor from CA usa -thanks guys! — with Branden Taylor and Lee Alan Taylor.

6 - Brok Loco Martinez

 7 –  Creaturi dragute

 and many more to come….

Also, the BEST 10 PACKS will receive a STICKER PACK with my cute creatures ^_^
packs received:
Anthead- MI usa
Yeok – Australia
Clod -Italy
Sleep Sticker -WA usa
Treo Wmgcru -France
Dave Warnke -CA usa
Philipp Schamp -Germany
Egads Eg -CA usa
Shareproductions – CA usa
Malarkey Art – Australia
Farhan Siki – Indonesia
ISCE ( International Sticker Crew) – Spain
Lapin Bleu – France
ATR- Zurich
Mihai Hendea – Romania
Cobalt- IL usa
Standard Cinquesettequattro – Italy
Shione Rai – Turkie
Vida Looka – Spain
Mother Superior- WT usa
Stencil Noire – Italy
Coon- Max Dima- Romania
Mr.Pain – Italy
Susanna Bnana – Germany
Free Virus- Germany
Rags Wear – Bulgaria
Anew Sticker Exchange – Canada
Andres Musta – Canada
Ominous- Netherlands
Myra Wexler – FL usa
Aleix Gordo Hostau- Spain
Drao Xcvb – Brasil
Ginger Gunshot – CA usa
Romewon- IL usa
Späm Klebo – Germany
Psyco ZRC – Germany
Trauma & Vin – Portugal
Eskorbuto- Spain
Mystere1- CA usa
Mr.Happy- Mexico
Typcljpnz Vlot – Japan
Retarde – Netherlands
Jhim Boh – Mexico
Mohak Art- Germany
Memebots- Washington DC
Banana Kruger- Israel
RAB- Italy
Stelleconfuse Tree – Italy
Lieb Sein – Germany
Valda Vld Valda Vld – Italy
Graff Hunter- CA usa
Sladge LE – Germany
BW- France
Mumble Jinx- PA usa
ZCKR, Brasil
Garde, Brasil
Antonio Hočevar – Croatia- 2 packs
Omega_cbu- Osterreich
Pedro Naipe – Brasil
Falk von Schönfels – Munich
Nerd- CA usa
Uman shop- Romania
Pzer- Mexico
Jinks Kunst – France
KDUB- NY usa
Weedzor- Belgrad
Pers Art – Germany
Zeps- NY usa
Andrew Damian Miller – Missouri usa
Heavi – Germany
Jaix- Italy
Hilo Stikers – CA usa
To Ber – Netherland
Simone Ilovetu – Italy
Akoer Stencils N Stickers- Germany
Zalez Art- France
Ovni Ufo- New York usa
Nest Dafoe- Germany
Sold- Italy
TopStuff- Australia
Duneone- Hungary
Samek Fym’sDnk- Russia
PunkRobot- Brasil
Danny & Chiara Druda- Italy
Servus- Germany
SmokingCoolCat- Romania
Akoer-2nd pack- Germany
Friedrich Benzler- Germany
Leroy Aholeo- MD usa
Kores- Portugal
Taosuz- Detschland
Pidzotto Pidzotto Pidzotto- Ireland
Lücky Gnomë- IL usa
Stegasaurisman- NY usa
Lembo- Wales
Kaqy Art- Romania
Au Osce- Italy
Olis Scobioala- Romania
Nite Owl- CA usa
Chibalove- England
Droide- Mexico
Fantasma- Mexico
Vinil Colante- Brasil
Greyballs Wolfmonkey- Canada
Glass Cuisine- IL usa
Hack- France
Forma- Italy
Pawo- Finland
Claksicoh ( Castor, Yatusabes, Por favor)- Lithuania & Madrid
Vladimir R.- Romania
Christopher Priority- NY usa
T-shirt Factory- Romania
Seven Logo’s – Madrid
My bulgarian friends: Dilom, Todor Raveo Stoyanov, Dimityr Chobanov, Vlada Valarte, Nasimo
Hopa- Romania
Adrian Preda- Romania
Serebe- Romania
Raid -Romania
Adriana 2- England
Occhiometra- Romania
Robert Obert- ROmania – Romania
Zelch- CA usa
Merge- MD usa
Femone- CA usa ROmania
Street art Constanta- Romania
TwoOne- Russia
Yatusabes-Madrid (2nd pack)
Samantha Chadwick- New Zealand
Secle Style- Barcelona
CS Stanley- IN usa
Jinks Kunst- France (2nd pack)
Sha Dow- Canada
ARTificial Art- CA usa Bulgaria
Hallo Karlo- Germany
Mr.SAY- FL usa
Koe One- England
Hobs GM- France
Tommy forever young- Amsterdam
Wojo- Netherland
Klebos- Austria
Monsieur & Madame- France
Armando Enriquez- Mexico
Gabri le Labri – France
EchipaBre- Romania
Pawa Bonga- Mexico
Cetusss- Switzerland
Eye Nantes- France
La PeraLimonera & Sakai777- Barcelona
Nvazn Art- CA usa
Xadalu Brasil- Brasil
Teresa Wise- MD usa
Cen-One- Deutschland
Bytedust- Netherland
L. Taylor- CA usa
Tony- UK
Daser FKR & friends- Mexico
Brain Fart- Switzerland
Noxin-FL usa

many people forgot to write me their name, country and websites, so i had to figure it out myself…. Forgive me if i misspell some of the names

Location and more info coming soon…..


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