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The Case Of George Soros This is a story from the web site of Czech political analyst Honza Malina Mr. Petr Cibulka and Ms. Jani Allan contributed to this report. 12-27-4

A man shall eat well by the fruit of his mouth,but the soul of the unfaithful feeds violence. [Proverbs 13:2] Mr. Petr Cibulka and Ms. Jani Allan contributed to this report. As the Western naivetÈ has no limits nor brakes to prevent some serious explosions, certain communist intelligence services are able to penetrate the West and conduct special subversion operations that in time bring the West to a destruction. When such operations remain un-noticed and therefore are not dealt with accordingly by the western counter-espionage services, the communist cause gets its advancement much easier. The people who’ll suffer, because of this slow and systematical western defeat, are you and me, the ordinary taxpayer who still believes that U.S. Government is not infiltrated by communists and by the liberal useful idiots and who still believe that Russia is our strategic partner. Today we will present one of several cases when the western flawed „logic” lacks the proper logic when dealing with such imminent communist operations – threats to our very survival as a free society. The Case of George Soros Early life George Soros was born in Hungary on August 12, 1930. According to his biography Soros was taught Esperanto language by his father who was a lawyer and doctor. It is important to notice that according to some sources Tivandar Soros [alias Teodoro Schwartz alias Teo Melas (search)] was a POW in Bolshevik Gulag in Siberia after the 1917 October Revolution as he probably somewhat participated in the opposition, but the sources are unclear about that. [Of course this would open a possibility to recruit such people – and cases have been known……] George Soros as a young man traded currencies on the black market during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Soros lived there until 1946 when he left the country as it was under the Soviet occupation and he, without money and at age of 16, ended up in London, U.K. in 1947. According to claims Soros has made, he left his native Hungary because of the Soviet occupation. Well, well, well ……. Simply said this must be explained to the American public because these facts are not possible to be true under any normal circumstances. Soros admits to trade currencies on black market but that was always punishable by death during the Nazi era in any occupied country. Also what is important is the allegation that Soros family collaborated with the Hungarian Nazi regime during the WW2. That would make the whole family [no doubt] a target of reprisals from the victims of the Nazi regime and the occupying Soviet forces would treat Soros’s family very harshly [most of the high level Nazi collaborators were hanged]. The only way out of this would be an agreement to co-operate with the GRU Soviet [Russian] military intelligence or perhaps also with the NKVD [later KGB] espionage. Young George was able to leave the country, he was able to make it through countless Red Army check points, without a passport that would be valid, without a Soviet approved permit to leave the country, without money and without any outside help. Soros was not only able to „pass through” these check points but he was able to cross the border to Austria, where the Red Army was also present at the time, and Soros was able to get through the Red Army check points in Austria and „defect” to the West all the way to London, U.K. Un-parallel achievement and because of my personal experiences as a political refugee who had to go through some difficulties escaping the communist oppression, I know what I’m talking about. I don’t know how this Soros’s „life story” sounds to anybody but this is impossible to happen unless George had a permit and proper Soviet approved passport because if he was so brave to try to run these check points he would’ve been shot dead on a spot by the communists. His stay in the U.K. and his 1947 enrolment to London School of Economics, and to be able financially support himself during that time, with no mentioned help or financial backing, and to be able to graduate in 1952 at that young age, this all gives me chills where I missed my own opportunities and how come I wasn’t able to be so „fortunate” and to have such „miraculous achievements” in my life. Soros, after a brief period of working in financial services in U.K., was able to start his own financial institution. What an achievement again. No money at all from the beginning and after just a few years he’s got his own financial company. That requires starting capital, these ventures don’t come easy, these are not hamburger stands but virtual banks with lot of money inside – who supplied the money to Soros or has he won a huge jackpot in Britain ? Please keep reading, it only gets thicker and better. Soros and the Perestroika fraud In the previous Weekly Opinion I was able to present facts about the one Frantisek Janouch, a communist and also a financial backer of the leading „anti-communist dissidents” in Czechoslovakia who were able [by some un-known miracle] to set up an anti-communist [pretended] group called Charter 77. Well, George Soros was the main financial contributor to Charter 77 and also to the Polish Labor Union called Solidarity. In case of Charter 77 Janouch claims that Soros supplied 1/3 of the total amount of money this Charter 77 Foundation in Stockholm was sending to the communist Czechoslovakia, to Havel and company. According to my sources the sum of money that was coming to Czechoslovakia, from the Charter 77 Foundation, was gradually rising since the 1978-79 period. From the first 107,594 Swedish Crowns in 1978 it was over half a million in 1989. [I don’t have the dollar exchange rate from that time but to illustrate how much money it was in the communist Czechoslovakia these amounts were astronomical – let’s say that the CZ Crown was about 0.20 Swedish Crown so it would be about 538 Thousand Czechoslovak Crowns the first year and over 2.5 million CZ Crowns in 1989 – for the people in the leadership of Charter 77 that was a lot of money]. Their secret local support is of course still secret the same way as the STB communist police dossiers of the leading members of the Charter 77 [Havel and company]. We also have to analyze the money flow and where they were coming from. Since Janouch claims that Soros was the biggest contributor to Charter 77 [and according to some sources Soros supplied all together $7 million to Charter 77 and Solidarity in Poland], but Janouch also stated that Soros only supplied one third of the total amount.

Where were the remaining money coming from ? According to my phone conversation with the wife of former political prisoner and later [for 4 months] Deputy Czech Interior Minister, Mr. Miroslav Dolejsi [his analysis is worth reading], Mr. Dolejsi received some secret documents from Sweden that supposedly corroborated that Janouch’s Charter 77 Foundation was a GRU-KGB operation. It is no secret that Mr. Dolejsi was attacked and beaten by some thugs who possibly worked for the CZ secret services and Mr. Dolejsi’s house was burglarized and these documents were stolen. There are other people who also allege that the money were coming directly from Moscow. Well, since Janouch was a communist and possible GRU agent, this is no surprise at all. The question is: Did Soros know this ? When George Soros showed up in Prague in 1997 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Charter 77, he was all for Perestroika and he was praising the false dissident and alleged GRU agent Havel and his friends as the „saviors of democracy” in Czechoslovakia. It was Soros in his own work who stated that he was present at the meeting in Prague on December 14, 1989 [a month after the „collapse of communism in CZ and with communists still running the government] where Soros, Janouch, Karel Jan Schwartzenberg [then Chairman of the International Helsinki Human Rights Commission and later Vaclav Havel’s Chief of Staff] met with Czechoslovak newly appointed Prime Minister, a communist and allegedly KGB and STB agent Marian Calfa [who was till then the deputy PM during the openly communist era and remained as CZ Prime Minister under the appointed president Havel till 1992 !!!] and Calfa thanked Soros for everything he’s done for the country. A communist thug thanks an American ‘capitalist’ for helping to collapse the communist regime ? Another detail about this fraud involves in 1984 uncovered KGB agent inside the CIA Karel Koecher, who, after his deportation from the United States and swift return to the communist Czechoslovakia, started working for the Prognosis Department of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences [Koecher was working there with the today’s Czech Republic president Vaclav Klaus – allegedly his real last name is Russian – Pruzhinskiy, and with the boss of this in fact STB communist espionage directorate Walter Komarek – a personal friend of Ernesto Che Guevara, and with others from the today Czech Republic’s government], and after the so called collapse of communism KGB agent Koecher became Deputy Advisor to president Havel. When this scandal was uncovered, Havel’s people promptly covered it up. I am simply stunned how these kind of details are not understood by the West as what they are – a communist deception organized and prepared 30 plus years in advance by Moscow. In case of Poland, we know that Solidarity was an Union and as such its leadership had to be members of the Communist Party ONLY [or communist agents]. Soros was allegedly helping the CIA to secretly finance the Solidarity, when the secret pact between the Pope John Paul II and unsuspecting [deceived] Ronald Reagan was established, and the later uncovered Polish communist agent Lech Walesa
and his "independent" Union were abl to receive Soros's money and help through channels communists would normally shut down in matter of hours. Wow !

In his work Soros recollects about his 1989 Prague meeting with Calfa and says the following: Together with Prince Karel Schwartzenberg [GRU used many times his Schwartzenberg Palace in Vienna, Austria for secured meetings - according to work of GRU defector Viktor Suvorov - HM note] we went to see Marian Calfa, who was then acting president. It was meant to be a courtesy visit but it turned into a moving occasion. Calfa opened his heart. He said that the last three weeks had really shaken his view of the world. He had not realized how far out of touch his party was with reality. He had had an intimate conversation with Jiri Dienstbier, the former political prisoner and newly-appointed Foreign Minister, and that is when he found out that dissidents' children had been regularly denied the right to be educated in Czechoslovakia. (Dienstbier's daughter had managed to get to Switzerland.) He was deeply ashamed and determined to establish democracy in Czechoslovakia. We all agreed that it was imperative to have Vaclav Havel elected president by the present rubber-stamp parliament; to organize a plebiscite would delay matters and create uncertainties. Havel as president would consolidate the "gentle revolution." Unfortunately, the leaders of the party do not agree with me but, as acting president, I have certain prerogatives and I intend to use them,' he said. He sounded genuine and we were impressed. It was an unbelievable situation: the head of an apparatus of repression which only a few weeks ago hit students on the head voluntarily abdicating in favor of a dissident without an organization who would have trouble winning a plebiscite. There are several lies in this statement. Calfa was never a president but a Prime Minister, he changed positions after he was for some years the Deputy PM in the communist Czechoslovakia. The statement of Soros about Dienstbier is as incorrect as ever. Here are the facts about Dienstbier: Jiri Dienstbier - during the 1950's and 1960's journalist, alleged KGB or directly GRU cadre, as communist journalist he was able to travel around the World during the communist era in Czechoslovakia. Between 1958-69 he worked as foreign political commentator and editor for Czechoslovak [communist] Radio, between 1964-67 Dienstbier was the CZ Radio correspondent for the Far East and was in Jakarta, Indonesia at the time when there was [thank God unsuccessful] a communist coup. In 1968-69 he worked as foreign correspondent in the United States, possibly for communist party newspaper Red Right [Rude Pravo]. A CPCZ member since 1958 till 1970. Dienstbier is a founding member of Charter 77, a speaker of Charter 77 in 1979 and later in 1985. After the "collapse of communism" in Czechoslovakia, he became Czechoslovak Government's Deputy Prime Minister in a government of PM Marian Calfa and Dienstbier later bec ame CZ Foreign Minister. While in his post as Foreign Minister, Dienstbier was involved in various scandals regarding appointing various "former" communists and STB agents [STB foreign espionage section mostly] as Czechoslovak Ambassadors around the World. [report] So who are you trying to fool George ? When it comes to simple logic, how come Soros was allowed to set up his Open Society Institutions in the communist Hungary in 1984 and later in the Soviet Union in 1987 ? Such ventures were only possible for communists or communist agents and NOT for an American businessman like Soros. So who are YOU, George ? Details We have to again turn to Soros's own words from his work: When I went to Hungary to negotiate, I had a secret weapon at my disposal: the recipients of Open Society scholarships were ready and eager to help. On the government side, my negotiating partner was Ferenc Barta, who was concerned with foreign economic relations and looked on me as an expatriate businessman whom he was anxious to accommodate. He introduced me to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and we concluded an agreement between the academy and the newly established Soros Foundation in New York (Open Society Fund was considered too controversial a name). We established a joint committee with an official of the academy and myself as co-chairmen. The rest of the members were independent-minded Hungarian intellectuals, approved by both parties. Both parties had the right of veto over the decisions of the committee. There was also to be an independent secretariat operating under the aegis of the academy. Here we go again. Every communist Academy of Sciences was in reality a communist technology and science espionage directorate. These people were part of the systematic communist espionage and subversion operations oriented against the free World. Soros had to know this. To make concessions to communists is also of interest to show, what kind of "real character" George Soros really is. And to make it even more obvious we can ask the "true philanthropist" George this following question: Are you happy you were helping the communists to set up such institutions ? The agreement between Soros and the communist government in Hungary had to be approved by the Communist Party General Secretary Janosz Kadar. Kadar was during the 1950s personally involved in torture and murders of anti-communist opposition members in Hungary, he is a Stalinist of the worst kind and Soros had to know real well who Kadar is. As an American citizen Soros did a great disservice to his country by supporting these communist criminals. And let's see another example from the same Soros's work: Then came the stock-market crash of October 1987 and a reporter from the Hungarian radio interviewed me by telephone and asked me whether I was closing the foundation because I had lost my fortune. I explained to him the reasons why I refused to go to Hungary. It was a misunderstanding, I said, which was sure to be cleared up soon. The interview was broadcast and the authorities were embarrassed. I gained my points and paid a visit to Hungary; but, while I was meeting with the Prime Minister, the head of the propaganda department, Mr. Berec, personally imposed a ban on any interviews with me. The ban was broken within the week when Moscow TV reported my visit to President Gromyko in the Kremlin and, according to communist etiquette, Hungarian TV replayed it in Budapest. I was amused. Amazing, simply amazing! Well, this is not all, keep your hats on because the bombshell comes now. Soros tried and was able to set up his Open Society Foundation in the communist China in 1986. Read the following carefully. I went to China [in 1986 - HM note] with Liang Heng, who became my personal representative, and set up a foundation on the Hungarian model with Chen Yizi's institute as my partner. Boo Tung, Communist party General Secretary Zhao Ziyang's principal secretary, cut through the red tape and approved the foundation on the spot. Both he and the foundation got into a lot of trouble as a consequence because his political enemies tried to use the foundation as a vehicle for attacking him. They prepared an elaborate dossier which claimed that I was a CIA agent and anti-Communist conspirator. Boo Tung counter-attacked and presented voluminous information about my other foundations to prove my good faith. That was not too difficult because I had always been very open about my intentions and by 1987 I had also established a foundation in Moscow. Gromyko himself had put the seal of approval on it by officially receiving me in the Kremlin. Nevertheless, some high party council decided to liquidate the foundation and refund the money. It took the personal intervention of Zhao Ziyang to rescind the decision. He arranged for Chen Yizi to resign as cochairman and for the International Cultural Exchange Center, whose chairman turned out to be a high official in the security service, to take over as our host organization. Again, if you don't know how the communist criminal machine functions, you will take these deceptive statements from Soros as genuine truth. Point 1) How exactly, George, can you prove, as an American citizen and therefore enemy of the communists, who was in fact able to set up such institute in China, how exactly you prove to the communist "justice" that you are NOT a CIA spy and anti-communist ? If they want to kill you, they will kill you. Point 2) How is it possible, George, that the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party fixed the problem for you - this wouldn't happen unless (UNLESS) Soros is a communist agent himself. Point 3) To know about Chinese secret police involvement in an American Institute and to continue with such venture anyway is again the proof of the worst taste and probably a proof of being somebody else Soros is claiming to be..... Point 4) Communists from China refunded the money to an American - Soros ? Are you kidding me ? Communists returning the money to a capitalist accused of being a CIA spy ? He would be lucky to get out of there alive if this was true about him. Point 5) Since Soros was helping financially to collapse the communism in Eastern Europe, how is it possible that he is still alive ? How is it possible that the for example Russian GRU or Czechoslovak communist military espionage services didn't send a commando unit to murder Soros for destroying their communist rule, if we accept the obvious nonsense, supported very actively by Soros, that communism has truly collapsed ? These communist espionage people are still there, none of their secret dossiers were ever made public [Supporting data], they are conducting the same kind of operations as during the openly communist era - why then is Soros still alive and has not been dealt with by these people ? And since he was already trying to establish an "Open Society" Foundation in the communist Hungary and Soviet Union, how come he was able to do the same in the still communist China that has never pretended to stop her oppressive communist rule and the hard-line communists are still in power over there ? Deception, subversion, Russian communist Global strategy. Nothing else. South African connection (From our South African Correspondent) Apartheid has turned the full circle. Black millionaires have moved into the wealthy Northern suburbs and are sending their children to private schools in chauffeur driven limousines while destitute whites queue for charity and live in squatter camps. Thousands are unemployed as Affirmative Discrimination programs took over the country. Marxism provides the alluring pleasure of an explanation which is also a moral judgment. Entirely against the Western Trend, membership of the SA Communist party is growing prodigiously. Communism, you see, endorses envy. 29 of the ANC's 38 member NEC executive committee are also members of the SACP - the South African Communist Party. The true nature of the ANC's 'democratic revolution' is set out openly and unequivocally in The Path to Power, by Joe Slovo, the late Communist KGB agent [- of South Africa - editor's note]. This remains the official SACP policy document. It blueprints the ANC/SACP's revolutionary objectives, analyses of the nature of 'the struggle' as its name implies, maps out the political and military action necessary for the revolutionary 'masses' to effect a seizure of power in order to bring about the creation of a socialist state. The main thrust of our present strategy remains a revolutionary seizure of power. It has become important for the SA Communist Party that the interim phase of people's power should be more clearly defined; that is, the phase after the success of the National Democratic Revolution, but before the advent of a true Marxist-Leninist state. Mandela's increasingly strident pronouncements about what will happen 'when we take power' raise the question as to why the West continues to pander to the demands of these third world revolutionaries. Their recently launched economic policy, a lavish-worded, flimsily disguised justification for land grabbing and annexing South Africa's dwindling wealthy, plans to raise millions of Rands from the corporate sector. Demands include cash donations (some running into seven figures) to 'office equipment. Social contracts have been discussed which include redistribution of wealth, increased government regulation and intervention, state planning, affirmation action and the development of a so-called 'mixed economy.' Failure to repay foreign loans features prominently. The ANC's policy replicates that of the Stalinist Gosplanners of the Soviet Union in the late 1920's. It also represents a total misunderstanding of the nature and origins of economic growth. The ANC claims that by nationalizing the banks, mines and monopoly industries, the workers will be given better wages and greater job security are a cynical tactic to win support among the illiterate and poor. The combination of sanctions and socialism means that they are unable to deliver. While South Africa was ruled under an iron fist, foreign investors felt that their interests were safe. Now they are steering clear. The illiterate and poor are not told that overseas investors always avoid countries where the leadership embrace Marxist doctrines. Thabo Mbeki, the current President is a Soviet-trained graduate of both the University of Patrice Lumumba. [Editor's note - Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow was founded for the sole purpose to train various revolutionary communist elements to be able to install a communist rule in their country. Before Yuri Andropov became the Chairman of the KGB I am told this University was also involved in training of various terrorist and narco-trafficking cadres - Andropov separated these operations because of the secrecy that needed to be preserved.] The West shows a curious myopia about the sainted Mandela and latter Mbeki's closest friends: Sinn Fein, the PLO and Fidel Castro. Mandela is on record as strongly having supported Gaddaffi's reluctance to have the Lockerbie bombers extradited. Gaddafi remains a staunch ally to South Africa, as does Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. Among the ANC leadership there is much talk of democracy, human rights and the due process of law but one suspects that this has more to do with window-dressing than ideology, since the ANC's radical approach draws heavily on the concept put forward first by Marx and redefined by new left thinkers like Herbert Marcuse. Despite robust indications that the ANC government is Communist rule by the toyi toyi macoute (toyi toyi being the ANC's preferred habit of dancing on the spot when gathered en masse, the Western pressure groups, newspapers and television networks who tell the public what opinions they should hold, have made up their minds about SA. De Klerk has been cast as the benign liberator, Mandela is the Saint (despite the fact that Amnesty International has never recognized him as a political prisoner, and the ANC's noble cause is the establishment of a non-racial democratic New South Africa - a stirring notion to which no fair-minded Westerner could fail to respond. A combination of sentimental naivetÈ about Africa and its peoples of whom they know nothing - what Ortega y Gasset called 'the sovereignty of the unqualified' - and Western race taboo, is causing the Liberals once again to ignore the writing on the wall. When Mbeki's Marxist government with its inevitable cast of corrupt, despotic politicians have squandered what they inherited from the much loathed white 'colonial oppressors' and the country is reduced to beggary and anarchy, the world will again have evidence that black domination embraces a brutality undreamed of in the days of white domination. The Douglas Commission's report on the atrocities committed by the Communist ANC against their own people during the ANC's years of exile, is a foretaste of the future. The idea of the Quattro concentration camps, incidentally, came from non other than Pol Pot himself, after discussions with the KGB agent and ANC darling Joe Slovo. There is overwhelming evidence that Brave New South Africa is already another black Communist gulag. Because of the morally reprehensible system of apartheid, the whites have come to believe that everything that they and their forefathers achieved was largely as a result of the exploitation of the non-white races. Hubris has caught up with them. These days they are morally bankrupt apologists. There are individuals who provide the exception of course, but in the main, the white south African tribe no longer believes in itself. Throughout history, nations and races who lost faith in their own identity have succumbed to other nations and races. In South Africa the whites have bought the Communism, lock stock and barrel; this is why the white tribe of Africa and its culture are doomed. Churchill said of Lenin that "Lenin alone could have led Russia into the enchanted quagmire...the Russian people were left floundering in the bog. Their worst misfortune was his birth...." The zeitgeist in South Africa leads one to believe that history might yet refer to De Klerk and his New South Africa in Similar terms. The man released from Robbin Island was not a jailed martyr. He was and remains a hard-line Communist whose legacy is poisoning South Africa. Appropriately enough, Mbeki continues apace with the destruction of civilization in South Africa, as his comrades Mugabe, et al, do in the north.... End of report Analysis George Soros has been involved in South Africa since 1979 as he claims. He poured money [where did he get them since most of the money he made came from his British Pound scheme in 1992 where Soros was allegedly helped by alleged KGB agent Marc Rich, the FBI fugitive Clinton has pardoned in 2000 ?] into South African Unions [mostly communists] and also to Cape Town University where Soros financed people who are today involved in the ANC communist government. Well, what an achievement again, George ! I can honestly say that this analysis would become longer and longer if I had to list every detail and obvious discrepancy in Soros's life and in his "philanthropic fever" but to pour total of $198 millions into South Africa and to come up with a communist government, it doesn't really serve the "Soros's purpose" but only the Russian communist World Domination strategy. So to make it short, as we will address Soros's "Ukraine adventure" next week, this obvious scheme of Soros, the facts about him, the systematical support of exactly what [in parallel] the Moscow's communist criminal strategy is, it all makes us believe that Soros is not what he claims to be, but he is a [deleted] ...... Merry Christmas, George !

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